Re- apply member ZegracaMaster

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Re- apply member ZegracaMaster

Post by ZegracaMaster on 07/07/17, 10:01 am

1.) In game name: ZegracaMaster

2.) Real life name: Luiz Fillipe

3.) Age: 18

4.) USGN: 83253

5.) Your playtime in server (in hours): 9 h 30 m

6.) How many hours do you spend in our server each day?: 1h - 3h

7.) Which Rank do you apply: Member.

8.) Your experience as a moderator / administrator: No experience

9.) Have you ever punished in our server?: Never

10.) Tell more about yourself: I'm from Brazil, Rio de Janeiro. I play cs2d a lot of time. My english doesn't is perfect, but I can me communicative.


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Re: Re- apply member ZegracaMaster

Post by Joni And Friends on 08/07/17, 03:25 pm

Accepted, welcome back. Take your member sign by using (@icode <code>), your code is kkm

Joni And Friends

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