Bug. Right? i assume

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Bug. Right? i assume Empty Bug. Right? i assume

Post by Grim_Reaper on 27/03/17, 11:46 pm

If you purchase 'snowman - for 1 hour' From the member store for 8k Shells, You can then sell the item for 539100 shells.  bounce  I doubt this was intentional, right? Arrow If you buy '99' of the snowman 792000 you can sell it for 53458500 shells.  Iam not going to abuse this, Very much. Ok? great.. Should probably fix this though  lol!


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Bug. Right? i assume Empty Re: Bug. Right? i assume

Post by Joni And Friends on 28/03/17, 12:04 am

Thanks for the report, we will fix it

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