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Post by Rajawali on 21/03/17, 04:17 pm

Other World

How to play this server?
First thing you need is a weapon, your first weapon is Platinum Sword, equip it by pressing the inventory button. Second, you will need shells to buy items like a new sword, armor, pet, foods, and etc. Third, gain experience and level up to get extra shell.

How to buy items / stuffs?
Simply say "hi" near NPCs, press "Z" button on your keyboard to say.

How to gain experience?
To gain experience, you need to kill monsters (like Nyan Cat, IMP, Zombie), complete quests, and complete achievements.

How to see your current achievements?
Go "More" button, and then you will see Achievement button, click it and done.

How to gain shells?
To gain shells, kill the monsters, complete quests, complete achievements. Note you can trade with other players to gain shells and even SC.

How to trade with other player?
Press the trade button, and then press the "Start trade" button. To add items to your trade list, press "Add item" button. Note you cannot equip from your inventory while your trade status still activated.

What is SC?
SC stands for Silver Crystals, it's very rare in our server. You can buy powerful weapons, protections, pets with it.

How to gain SC?
To gain SC you need to get job, complete achievements, or trade with other players.

How to get a job?
First, you need to be level 10 or above to get first job as a police. You will gain 175 SC every 20 minute. Note if you idle your work time reset.
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