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Post by Haydar on 10/12/17, 08:09 pm

1.) In game name:Haydar

2.) Real life name:Haydar Azizan

3.) Age:13

4.) USGN: 96106

5.) Your playtime in server (in hours):1d 3h

6.) How many hours do you spend in our server each day?:1 hours or more depend my network connection

7.) Which Rank do you apply (Member/Mod/Admin): Mod

8.) Your experience as a moderator / administrator:Ye

9.) Have you ever punished in our server?:I never punisher

10.) Tell more about yourself:im 13 years old and my species is human i'm from indonesian and i speak indonesian and english(sometime),i'm play CS2D since 2012,i have many helped player.

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Mod Application Empty Re: Mod Application

Post by Joni And Friends on 10/12/17, 08:10 pm

Your age is not enough, and also the application is closed now

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