I want to help the server...

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I want to help the server... Empty I want to help the server...

Post by Modder13 on 09/12/17, 11:47 pm

Staff Application

1.) In game name:»MØÐУR¹³«
2.) Real life name:Rafael
3.) Age:14
4.) USGN:161967
5.) Your playtime in server (in hours):19 h 9 m
6.) How many hours do you spend in our server each day?:2 h - 6 h
7.) Which Rank do you apply:Mod(Member/Mod/Admin):
8.) Your experience as a moderator / administrator: <Excluded for User>i already admin on ServerLove / Mod on Kgb2d
Admin on Latin Radicals
9.) Have you ever punished in our server?:
Once the developer: MethodMan made the event run
so I won 3 races and he did a 4th race, I was very lagged that day, and I won the 4 race I was teleporting Sad
and so I was banned unjustly and I already spoke with the methodman and he has already disbanded me Very Happy

10.) Tell more about yourself:
My name:Rafael Batista Rodrigues
I'm fluent in Portuguese
I speak Spanish and English but not as good as Portuguese.
I started playing cs2d in 2012
My old Usgn:56168 (hacked and banned)
I played a long time citylife in the past
I am making this application for staff because I want to be the moderation team of the server and I want to help the server in addition I and Methodman share the same language
I hope to be accepted in the team thanks for reading my topic!


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I want to help the server... Empty Re: I want to help the server...

Post by Joni And Friends on 10/12/17, 03:25 am

Sorry, but application have been closed.
You have to read This before post an Apply

Nice apply btw Very Happy

Joni And Friends

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