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Applying For Mod Empty Applying For Mod

Post by »Åcê¼ on 08/12/17, 06:43 pm

1.) In game name:»Åcê¼ / cK

2.) Real life name:Pauljoshua A Gregorio

3.) Age:16

4.) USGN:142844

5.) Your playtime in server (in hours):2 H and 46 Minutes

6.) How many hours do you spend in our server each day?:1-2 Hours

7.) Which Rank do you apply (Member/Mod/Admin):Mod

8.) Your experience as a moderator / administrator:I have experienced it twice.... at Revo ninja life when revoltage were the owner,and on the last city life w0w I think it was also revoltage.
9.) Have you ever punished in our server?:Never.

10.) Tell more about yourself:I'm from Philippines Hmm.. what else can I say.. I guess i'm a friendly person?,kind,funny.. that's all....

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Applying For Mod Empty Re: Applying For Mod

Post by Joni And Friends on 09/12/17, 02:32 pm

Accepted as Mod, we really need active mod now btw

Joni And Friends

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